1h 24m 2015


Hurt (2015) is a documentary portrait of Steve Fonyo, who in 1985, at 19 years of age, completed his run across Canada, after having lost his left leg to cancer. At first denounced as a Terry Fox copycat and unable to generate many donations, it was an uphill battle until Steve ran past the spot where Terry Fox had been forced to stop. Suddenly, publicity picked up, donations poured in and by the time he reached the Pacific Ocean, he had raised $13 million for cancer research and was named to the Order of Canada. The next 30 years were straight downhill: petty theft, larceny, and drug addiction until the Order of Canada was rescinded in 2010. Steve Fonyo today is a mass of contradictions. Spend a year in the world of this one-time hero and see how the run has nothing to do with his life and everything to do with it.

Director: Alan Zweig

Genres: Documentary

Cast: Steve Fonyo

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